Executive Coaching by Ruud Labordus:

In executive coaching the possibilities of the future are central. Ruud plays as a sounding board for the coachee and increases self-awareness, responsibility and above all …. faith in themselves !

Ruud stimulates active thinking and judgement, perception and develops effective behavior together with the coachee. Confidentiality is one of the most important departure points; everything discussed in the contact remains confidential. The coachee has the right to decide for themselves what comes out.

Coaching by Ruud always starts with an intensive interview to clarify the demands/wishes and expectations as clear as possible. Ruud helps in clarifying the self-esteem, values, personality traits and unconscious motives that resulted (in) effective behavior. He also assists in the search for alternatives and supports the personal development process.
This is done by formulating and clarifying the coach demand and formulating clear goals and by reflection, mirroring, confronting, providing models and tools and motivation.

The following issues exist in the coaching programs:

• Increase Personal effectiveness / strength
• Profiling for future function
• Managing change / resistance
• Career Questions
• Balance between work and private
• Leadership, learn leadership
• Dysfunction convert in effective functioning
• Time management, structuring work
• Mobility Questions
• Competence development


After a good path, the person will even function better, they feel more comfortable, it radiates both professionally and personally and the coachee is a more finer person for themselves and their environment. (Ruud: this motivates hugely !)

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